Housing Affordability

Housing affordability in Minneapolis is determined mainly on market factors but is also being affected by policies handed down to us by City Hall. For more than a decade, our city has seen a increasing trend in construction of smaller rental units over ownership units and larger units that can accommodate families.  We have alsoContinue reading “Housing Affordability”

Proposed Hennepin Ave South Redesign

As Minneapolis continues to grow in population, and residential density increases, we must design our transportation corridors to meet the needs of how residents and visitors actually move about the city. Studies indicate that over the last 10 years the share of residents using buses, cars, bikes, and walking as their primary means of transportationContinue reading “Proposed Hennepin Ave South Redesign”

Fighting Racial Disparities

Our land has been plagued by racial injustice from the first moment Europeans reached its shores. A direct line can be drawn from the genocide of the indigenous people, to the suffering of the African slave trade, through Jim Crow segregation to today’s appalling racial disparities. We cannot accept this and must do what weContinue reading “Fighting Racial Disparities”