Moving Minneapolis Forward

I am running for Minneapolis City Council to build a city that works for all. I envision:

  • A Minneapolis that is guided by progressive values of fairness, equity, justice, and environmental sustainability.
  • A Minneapolis where everyone has a voice in decisions that impact their neighborhoods.
  • A Minneapolis where all people can feel safe and where policing values everyone’s humanity.

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Meet Chris

Chris is a leader. He has served as a firefighter for over 20 years, he’s an award-winning advocate for firefighters, public safety, and environmental causes, and
highly respected by his peers all over North America.

Chris was raised by his hardworking parents who taught him about struggle,
sacrifice, family commitment, and respect for all people. Chris attended
Minneapolis public schools where the values of respecting the humanity and
dignity of individuals was nurtured, as well as the seeking of justice for all people.


My YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCAj8U1cfJTtQORgzvYXrzfw

Prepared and paid for by the Chris Parsons For Ward 10 Campaign Committee, PO Box 6090, Minneapolis, MN 55406